Sling Workshop Drop Series


To Register for Sling Drop Classes, depending on the Workshop there are Prereqs: 

Level 1, Maiden Voyage Pre-requisites: Familiarity and comfort with getting into and out of climber’s seat and seatbelt wraps, preferably having taken at least one Sling class at BMA.

Level 2, Building Block Prerequisites: Ability to invert and mount apparatus hung above head heights. Experience with any drops on fabric (silks or sling). Preferred but not required is experience with sling base wraps: climbers’ seat, seatbelt, hug (message BMA with any questions). 

Level 3, Long Con Prerequisites: Prior drops experience on sling or silks; familiarity & comfort with climber’s seat and seatbelt wraps, and endurance for climbing above them; preferably having taken at least one sling class at BMA, and preferably experience with slack/elevator drops and drops with direction changes.

Aerial Arts Classes & Parties

Building Blocks

This workshop will help build your vocab of stacking drops. We’ll talk about dropping from different base wraps and what can be layered.

Hammock | Aerial Sling

Maiden Voyage

This workshop is all about easing into the land of drops! We’ll talk about “entry-level” drops and how the base wraps work to make the drops happen, and we’ll cover what is keeping you safe in the drop to build up your confidence!

aerial sling class

Long Con

This workshop will explore sling drops with a longer base wrap/entry but which have a BIG payoff at the end! Sometimes we’ll be changing direction, sometimes the bottom will drop out, but we’ll always be building up the box and crushing it.