Ice & Embers Show Information

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2023 AT 5:30 PM – 8 PM

Doors @ 7:00pm
Show @ 7:30pm

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It’s the darkest, quietest, coldest time of the year. There are no birds singing in the mornings, nor the sounds of joy from the children in the yard. The trees appear dead, as not a single leaf remains. The lack of color can darken the soul.
It is winter. Deep Winter.

Join us as we break the silence of the season with the loudest, heaviest music we can find. Call forth the spring with performances on the ground and in the air.

Our first ever Ice & Embers show is a nod to We Will Raq You (RIP), a metal belly dance show that we took part in for many years. We are so happy to bring this theme back for those wanting to break the winter silence with their incredible metal performances.

This will be an 18+ show due to adult music and themes.

In-person GA Tickets: $20
In-person VIP Tickets: $60
Livestream Tickets: $10

Creative Hoop Immersion with Gena

Dates: 11/19-11/20 – 9 total hours

Time: 11am-4pm – break from 1:30-2pm

Cost: $300 – payment plan available

In this creative aerial hoop immersion, you’ll work on how to create your own movement choreography by immersing yourself in hoop theory, movement quality, and artistic development. Gena will help you with ways to explore skills and variations as well as unique transitions that are authentic to you as an artist. Each day we will delve into how to do your own creative research and develop your own unique movement pathways. This immersion allows you to research and explore your own movement in, on, and above the bar.

Note-taking is encouraged; bring a notebook, iPad, or your phone. Socks and clothing that cover the midriff are recommended.

PREREQUISITES: Clean, unassisted inversions, comfort with spinning, and an understanding of body awareness are required. Must have a basic comprehension of intermediate lyra skills that can be executed without jumping.

Bloom IX: Efflorescence (July 23, 2022)

Let’s come together!

We’re hosting our ninth year of Bloom, and we’d love to see you there. Join us for Bloom IX: Efflorescence, July 23, 2022 at 1:00 PM.

This year’s event is only one day, with two very exciting shows and over 80 performance acts including dance, aerial, flow, fire (in the evening) and so much more!

The Family Friendly show will go from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm and the Adults Only show will run from 7:30 pm to 12:30 am. There are general admission and VIP seats available for each show.

We hope you’re able to join us!


Let’s Bloom Together !!

Instructor Spotlight: Anna

How long have you been doing aerial?

7 years

What apparatus is your main squeeze? 


What other apparatus do you like to train on?

Trapeze, Sling, Pole, Silks, and Rope

What foundational move was/is the hardest for you to train your body to do? Did it ever click for you? If so, what helped that to happen?

Hip keys on silks. It finally clicked for me after it was broken down for me in a technical way so I could understand what I was doing wrong and correct it. 

What is the most important thing for students to take away from your class?

There is a lot of room for creativity and growth, even when learning foundational skills. 

Why did you become a teacher?

I have always enjoyed working with children, which led me to my first job as a gymnastics coach when I was a teenager. I continued to coach gymnastics for years until I found something I loved even more, aerial! 

What’s your favorite move on your main apparatus?

I tend to gravitate towards “splitty” moves. Gazelle splits are my go-to because they are so versatile.

What’s your least favorite move?


What is your advice for those that are wanting to take a class but are feeling a bit nervous to jump in?

You don’t need any prior acrobatic experience, strength, or flexibility at all to try an aerial class because you will build those things through taking classes! In class you will be challenged in a way that keeps you excited about what you’re learning while also practicing at your comfort level. I focus greatly on making sure that all of my lessons are adaptable to each student on an individual level so everyone leaves class feeling accomplished. 

Teacher Spotlight: Tanya

How long have you been belly dancing?
I have been belly dancing since 2016. My son turned 16 and I wanted to do something for myself for a change. It was the best decision I’ve ever made!

What style do you love the most?
I am a cabaret dancer thru and thru. But coming in a close second is saidi. I love the sharpness…and the hopping.

What foundational move was/is the hardest for you to train your body to do? Did it ever click for you? If so, what helped that to happen?
Vertical figure 8’s reduced me to tears and had me ready to swear off belly dance for good. One day, I was standing in the kitchen talking to my son and not really thinking about what I was doing when I realized I WAS DOING THE THING! I cried over that move (happy tears) for the last time.

What is the most important thing for students to take away from your class?
Do not get discouraged! In 2010 I took a belly dance class-ONE-after being inspired by the lovelies at Ren Faire. I left that class cussing my uncooperative body and didn’t think anything else of it for years. Foundations is a class where we start telling our body how it’s going to behave and that’s a big battle. Belly dance is a skill that requires honing after learning, and I promise I’m working on my technique as I’m instructing you!

Why did you become a teacher?
I believe that everyone deserves to feel comfy in their own skin. Belly dance is strong, beautiful, and empowering and can be played out on any canvas. I want to share this amazing art form with all you.

What’s your favorite belly dance move?
I can’t pick just one favorite move! My favorites change with the wind, from omis and mayas and big mamas and on and on. But right now I’ve been working on different variations of 3/4 shimmies. 

What’s your least favorite move?
Really, I have a hard time thinking of a least favorite move. It would probably be choo choos. I have a hard time making them smooth. 

What is your advice for those that are wanting to take a class but are feeling a bit nervous to jump in?
Do it! You’re new to bellydance. Guess what…I’m new to teaching. Everyone there is learning, including me. Come on in, be your beautiful self, try it out, ask questions, but most of all have fun. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Instructor Feature: Casandra

We are so happy that Casandra joined our team last year! She is an experienced aerialists, as well as a phenomenal teacher that has so many skills and plenty of training information to share. Catch her Lyra Foundations class on Thursdays at 6pm!

How long have you been doing aerial?
5 years

What apparatus is your main squeeze?
Silks and Lyra! 

What other apparatus do you like to train on?
Trapeze and straps

What foundational move was/is the hardest for you to train your body to do? Did it ever click for you? If so, what helped that to happen?
Single knee hangs! I was so terrified of hanging by one knee it took me over 6 months to finally work up the courage to try! I just kept doing drills that consisted of slightly lifting one knee off and tons of sporting and encouragement from my coach finally helped me get there.

What is the most important thing for students to take away from your class?
I want my students to feel confident and strong! I never want them to leave feeling judged or like they are in competition with anyone else.

Why did you become a teacher?
I love helping people accomplish goals and seeing growth in people. Having a hand in people’s journey and seeing them meet goals makes my heart so happy!

What’s your favorite move on your main apparatus?
I love ankle hangs!!

What’s your least favorite move?
Back balances.

What is your advice for those that are wanting to take a class but are feeling a bit nervous to jump in?
Go for it! There are so many apparatuses to try so if the first one you try doesn’t sing to you, try another! Just know that it isn’t about being perfect, it’s just about showing up and trying your best and having fun!

Costuming for All Bodies

Costuming For ALL Bodies

Costuming can be extremely personal. You find the perfect music, choregraph moves and emotions to keep the mood of the music, and then you must choose the perfect outfit and make up to complete the package.

Everywhere you turn, people are screaming “BODY POSITIVITY,” but finding costumes that fit every body type can be difficult. You may go down the spiral staircase of searching for hours and hours and never find the right thing.

I did a bit of research earlier this year to find the best places to order or customize your own costumes AND practice clothing! In this blog, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of places you can find costumes to fit, no matter how tall or short you are, how thicc or thin.

Thanks to everyone to contributed to my research!!!! I couldn’t do it without you! <3


Let’s start with tights! Tights at any size or color, which are GOOD quality, are hard to find. This was a suggested order from a few people who have used this exact brand. Amazon Tights

Trapeze Boots

One of my favorite places to order trapeze boots is Isabella Mars! Requiring measurements, each pair is made completely custom. They fit like a glove!!! <3 Isabella Mars

Leotards for all

Here we go! Now we are getting into the main thing you’re likely looking for! Leotards/unitards. There are a few here!




Sugarpuss ETSY


Cosplay Centric

Kikimora – custom!

Coquetry – can also be custom

NC Local!

Peitho Black

My Bella Universe

I hope this helps you when searching for the right costumes for your next showcase!! <3

Critters & Tea 2022

We are welcoming back Critters & Tea Performance on March 19, 2022. This is a fun aerial and dance show allowing those to express child like wonder, fun and silly performances or cute acts that performers feel may not fit other places.

Shadows is beautiful and deep show, allowing those to let go of the baggage in their lives. So Bloom wanted to create a space to almost “detox” from that experience. Aerial and dance are incredibly moving arts. Allow this year’s Critters & Tea Showcase allow you to smile during the end of winter.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces there. Interested in performer? Apply here!

xoxo – Bloom Movement Artistry

Upcoming Events

Bloom has a handful of upcoming events. Please take a look and we hope to see you at each one of them. For any questions or concerns please contact

4/8 – Double Loops with Angela

Loops are a versatile apparatus that give you so many options for shapes, drops, and EXPLORATION! Students will learn two short choreos and have some time to flex their aerial brain to find their own transitions between them.

4/9 – Duo Workshop with Satarah

Are you interested in working in tandem with another person in the air? Then this workshop is for you! We will be focusing mainly on weight sharing and dynamic movement as a duo on hard apparatus (lyra and trapeze specifically).

4/16 – Student Performance Bonanza – student recital

This is Bloom Movement Artistry’s first Student Performance Bonanza! We can’t wait to watch our hard working and talented students present their creations to you. Limited tickets are available so grab yours soon.

5/14 – Fire Workshop with Satarah

Join us for a mandatory and free Fire Safety course, Beginner Fire Eating ($40) and Duo Fire Skills ($40). We’re going to have a thrilling and safe time.