Aerial Silks Classes

Our goal at Bloom Movement Artistry is to bring as much art and creativity to Charlotte as possible. Learn more about our silks program by reviewing the information below. 

Silks Foundations

This ongoing class is meant to introduce beginners to the world of aerial silks, but higher-level aerialists are always welcomed to brush up on their skills here! We will spend our 75 minutes together learning and perfecting some of the most important concepts and movements to grow your aerial abilities to the next level.

Prerequisites: the desire to grow oneself, learn a new skill, and get stronger in the process. Also, must want to have fun!

aerial silks classes
silks classes - charlotte

Silks Layering

By invitation from our instructors, this class will be taking what we learned in the foundations class and goes deeper into breaking down and experimenting with aerial silks moves. We will start our journey into theory by building aerial silks sequences and taking some time to safely explore what we know to find new and unique pathways to the same shapes we already know. This class runs in a series of 4-week increments. It is suggested to be present once a week.

Prerequisites: Must have instructor invitation to join. It is suggested to be able to hip key in the air, invert in the air and straddle in the air to join. Instructor discretion.

Aerial Silks Choreography

If you’ve ever seen beautiful aerial performers and thought to yourself, ‘I would love to be able to perform like that,’ now’s your chance to learn a unique choreography!
In order to be in this class, you must be able to invert multiple times in the air, be able to execute moves in the air for 3 minutes, and have a very strong knowledge of basic wraps. This is a series class, which builds into a full choreography on the final week.

aerial silks classes

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