Mentorship Program

Every quarter we will send out applications, this past quarter has passed but PLEASE stay tuned and remember you can always email us at for any questions/concerns. We will also be putting together a FAQ about the program. We love everyone and are incredibly excited to watch this program grow and bloom. Stay tuned!!!!

This program was developed to create a space for those wanting to learn more about either instruction or performing. You will be paired with your choice of Satya or Sarah for your mentorship. The goal is to give you the information that you need to be successful and confident in your pursuits, as well as potentially (although not guaranteed) giving you opportunities with Satarah Productions and/or Bloom Movement Artistry.

Performance Mentorship

  • How to charge
  • Rigging
  • Safety
  • Contracts
  • Choreographing acts
  • Insurance information
  • Communication with clients and potential clients
  • Costuming information
  • Logistics
  • How to create demo reels
  • How to create CV/resume
  • Makeup information

Instructor Mentorship
(This is not considered comprehensive teacher training. If you’d like recommendations on teacher training, let us know and we can get you that information.)

  • Basic rigging safety
  • Mat types
  • Warming up and cooling down
  • How to spot safely
  • Anatomy
  • Different body types in aerial training
  • Class structure
  • Commanding a class
  • Moves and how to break them down and teach them
  • Logistics and insurance

Things to know:

  • 3 month minimum commitment 
  • $275/month, which includes:
    • 8 Group Classes a month
    • Unlimited Open Gym each month
    • 2 Private Lessons a month with your mentor
    • 2 Thirty Minute Consultations a month with your mentor
    • Quarterly check-in to ensure movement towards goals
  • We are only accepting 3 mentees per mentor. This means 6 total, each session.
  • This does not enter you into an exclusive contract with Bloom Movement Artistry or Satarah Production and does not guarantee you a position with either entity. 

Costuming for All Bodies

Costuming For ALL Bodies

Costuming can be extremely personal. You find the perfect music, choregraph moves and emotions to keep the mood of the music, and then you must choose the perfect outfit and make up to complete the package.

Everywhere you turn, people are screaming “BODY POSITIVITY,” but finding costumes that fit every body type can be difficult. You may go down the spiral staircase of searching for hours and hours and never find the right thing.

I did a bit of research earlier this year to find the best places to order or customize your own costumes AND practice clothing! In this blog, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of places you can find costumes to fit, no matter how tall or short you are, how thicc or thin.

Thanks to everyone to contributed to my research!!!! I couldn’t do it without you! <3


Let’s start with tights! Tights at any size or color, which are GOOD quality, are hard to find. This was a suggested order from a few people who have used this exact brand. Amazon Tights

Trapeze Boots

One of my favorite places to order trapeze boots is Isabella Mars! Requiring measurements, each pair is made completely custom. They fit like a glove!!! <3 Isabella Mars

Leotards for all

Here we go! Now we are getting into the main thing you’re likely looking for! Leotards/unitards. There are a few here!




Sugarpuss ETSY


Cosplay Centric

Kikimora – custom!

Coquetry – can also be custom

NC Local!

Peitho Black

My Bella Universe

I hope this helps you when searching for the right costumes for your next showcase!! <3