Lyra | Hoop Aerial Classes

Lyra or Aerial Hoop is a metal hoop that comes in different sizes and number of rig points. This apparatus is fun because it stays the same shape while you move and transition your body around it. Poses and movements can be done above, inside, and below the hoop, creating many of options for creativity. It’s a little painful at first but your body gets accustomed to it quickly. It is definitely worth it!

For aerial lyra classes, we recommend that you wear clothing to cover your midriff and the backs of your knees because when starting out, that bar can hurt!

Lyra Foundations (4 week course)

You’ve seen this big metal hoop and the potential movement that can be created on it. Lyra Foundations is a cumulative 4 week class created for you to get to know the lyra and learn some foundational moves and body mechanics to make your hoop journey a happy one. We will focus on moves inside the hoop, as well as entrances and exits. There are no prerequisites for this class and anyone can join!

Lyra Layering

Now that you’ve gotten somewhat comfortable with the aerial hoop in Lyra Foundations, take your skills up a level with Lyra Beginnings. Here, we really start to build up the strength it takes to safely explore and transition in and out of different poses that you will learn. We will add onto our list of entrances and exits, as well as deepen our knowledge of hoop moves, including the beginnings of momentum work. 

This is a 4-week series but can be treated as a standalone class. It is NOT required that you attend all four weeks in the series.

Prerequisites: It’s recommended that you join after taking Lyra Foundations but NOT required if you have some lyra experience. 

Lyra Choreography

If you’ve ever seen beautiful aerial performers and thought to yourself, ‘I would love to be able to perform like that,’ now’s your chance to learn a unique choreography!

In order to be in this class, you must be able to invert multiple times in the air, be able to execute moves in the air for 3 minutes and have a very strong knowledge of basic wraps. This is a series class, which builds into a full choreography on the final week. 

Lyra Class Schedule