Circus Classes

Our goal at Bloom Movement Artistry is to bring as much art and creativity to Charlotte as possible. We don’t just have dance and aerial, we have so many more offerings including our wonderful circus classes. These classes will only expand your journey within the aerial community.

Handbalancing Foundations -
2:00 pm Sundays

This is a beginner friendly class! We will focus on building strength in our arms and hands along with focusing on alignment. 

Working your muscles in this way is very important, especially for aerialists as it counterbalances “go-to” muscular engagement.  Find your zen as we focus on balancing upside down!

Prerequisites: NONE! If you are familiar with hollow body holds that will be fantastic but not required. Don’t worry we’ll teach you them in class. 


Contortion Foundations -
3:30 pm Sundays

Let’s get bendy together! 

In this class, we will be focusing on strength and stability while taking our flexibility to the next level.  There will be a strong emphasis placed on resistance training, while building confidence in strength and our ability to bend. This is great not just for the ground but also the air. There will be a combination of flexibility for both back bending and splits. Come pick your poison.  


Pre-requisites: Must be able to hold a plank for 30+ seconds.  Must be able to do 5+ consecutive pushups. 

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