Our goal at Bloom Movement Artistry is to bring as much art and creativity to Charlotte as possible. We will bring amazing instructors from around the world into our space to teach one-off fire, aerial, and circus workshops, classes, and weekend intensives for you to grow your craft and get new perspectives.

Explore our current workshops and grab your spot,
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Dan Saab Square

Dan Saab Workshops: Lyra & Sling

Join us in welcoming back Dan Saab to the studio. He is offering 2 workshops along with available private lessons. Spaces are going quickly, please register or email us to schedule your private lesson. 


  • Above the Loop on Sling – Intermediate Level – 12/23 @ 12pm
  • Dynamic Movement on Lyra – Intermediate Level – 12/23 @ 2pm 
  • Private Lesson Availability: 12/11-12/22 from 11am – 4pm each day

** Please click Learn More for Safety and PreReqs **

The Drop Workshop Series

Partake in our quarterly workshop series led by our own aerial sling instructor at Bloom Movement Artistry. Explore diverse drop techniques designed to enhance your skills in aerial sling arts. Our workshops cater to various levels, ensuring you can safely and effectively explore aerial sling drops.

Upcoming Workshops: 

  • 1/20 @ 12:00 pm – Maiden Voyage
  • 2/17 @ 12:00 pm – Building Blocks
  • 3/16 @ 12:00 pm – The Long Con

** Please click Learn More for Safety and PreReqs **

Laura-Myers- Aerial Performer
pineapples and party

Host a Party with Us !!

We love our community and now have new services that are continuously ongoing for parties.

We offer a variety of themes and services for you to host your next: Girls or Friends Night, Bachelorette party, date nights, birthday parties, and invite that friend from out of town. Where else would they learn fire on the fly?

Bloom CANNOT wait to HOST your next Celebration. We love you.

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Please allow us 24 to 48 hours within our business hours for a response. We love our students and want to ensure we give the time for proper and thoughtful responsed.