Our goal at Bloom Movement Artistry is to bring as much art and creativity to Charlotte as possible. We will bring amazing instructors from around the world into our space to teach one off workshops and weekend intensives for you to grow your craft and get new perspectives.

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Available Workshops

Dan Saab

11/5 @ 6:30-8:30 – Transitional Fluidity on Hammock (sold out)

11/6 @ 11am-1pm – Dynamic Movement on Lyra (sold out)

11/6 @ 1:30 pm – Beg/Intermediate Lyra Class (filling up quickly)

Private Schedule:

Please contact hello@bloommovementartistry. com

November 4 – between 11-7

November 5 – 2:30-4:30

November 6 – between 3-6

November 7 – between 11-6

Hanna Blackwell

Do Less: The Power of Stillness and Repetition in Choreography

Date: November 14th
Time: 10am-12pm

Maybe you’ve felt it in your choreography–when aerial nerdery and an itch to impress hijacks your emotional intent and turns out a stream of trick-trick-trick. While it can be fun to flex for an audience, sometimes we want to leave them with a little more–a faint wist, a fluttering joy, a jittered nerve. Stillness and repetition are two awesome, if oft-forgotten, tools to this end! We’ll spend this workshop dusting off and honing those tools. Come learn to concentrate an emotional moment with a well-timed lack of movement, how to build motifs by doing the same thing on repeat, and how to find the confidence in yourself to do less.

Pre-Reqs: 6-months on your apparatus minimum, must be able to invert from the air, and must be interested in making choreography (since this workshop aims to hone those skills)

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