Application for Shadows 2023

It’s that time of year again. As the summer heat softens and the days get shorter…it means the shadows will start arriving. Shadows is almost the opposite of Bloom Festival, its the time of year to unleash our wounds, discover the darkness and learn something new.

If you’d like to be apart of this dark showcase please submit your application today.

The show this year will take place at Bloom Movement Artistry on November 18, 2023. Doors will open at 7:00 and show will begin at 7:30. This is a small show, as we will be looking for about 10 performance pieces to add to the show line up.  

Sling Workshop Drop Series


To Register for Sling Drop Classes, depending on the Workshop there are Prereqs: 

Level 1, Maiden Voyage Pre-requisites: Familiarity and comfort with getting into and out of climber’s seat and seatbelt wraps, preferably having taken at least one Sling class at BMA.

Level 2, Building Block Prerequisites: Ability to invert and mount apparatus hung above head heights. Experience with any drops on fabric (silks or sling). Preferred but not required is experience with sling base wraps: climbers’ seat, seatbelt, hug (message BMA with any questions). 

Level 3, Long Con Prerequisites: Prior drops experience on sling or silks; familiarity & comfort with climber’s seat and seatbelt wraps, and endurance for climbing above them; preferably having taken at least one sling class at BMA, and preferably experience with slack/elevator drops and drops with direction changes.

Aerial Arts Classes & Parties

Building Blocks

This workshop will help build your vocab of stacking drops. We’ll talk about dropping from different base wraps and what can be layered.

Hammock | Aerial Sling

Maiden Voyage

This workshop is all about easing into the land of drops! We’ll talk about “entry-level” drops and how the base wraps work to make the drops happen, and we’ll cover what is keeping you safe in the drop to build up your confidence!

aerial sling class

Long Con

This workshop will explore sling drops with a longer base wrap/entry but which have a BIG payoff at the end! Sometimes we’ll be changing direction, sometimes the bottom will drop out, but we’ll always be building up the box and crushing it.

Spark Workshop Weekend

Join Us for Spark Workshops from June 30 - July 2

Bloom Movement Artistry is providing a unique experience of workshops that will focus on experience of being a performer. 

Whether its from applying to make-up or perfecting your performance we have something for everyone. 

We have a variety of one stop classes to classes that will take the full weekend, but we know you’ll love them all. Please review the outline of our workshops below and register for your classes before its too late. 

These classes do not full under our normal class plasses but when you register you’ll see your options to pay whether, its a drop in or pacakge. 

We cannot wait to see you this weekend! 


A Theatrical Workshop for Movement Creatives

$55 per class From $41 per visit with Spark unlimited weekend pass pass Purchase required to enroll

In this workshop we will explore act creation for circus through the lens of physical theatre and exploration work with the body, ground, and (optional) apparatus.

Pre-requisites: A willingness to explore and be free.

Creating with Purpose

$55 per class From $41 per visit with Spark unlimited weekend pass pass Purchase required to enroll

Prerequisites: Have a personal theme that you would like to talk about. Have some skills selected that you would like to add to your act.about on your performance. Wanting to create with purpose.

When? Where? How?

$55 per class From $41 per visit with Spark unlimited weekend pass pass Purchase required to enroll

Prerequisites: Be open to explore your own feelings. Have a little combo on your select apparatus to work with on the workshop.

Embellish, Tweak, Make: Costuming for Curious Creatives

$100 per class From $41 per visit with Spark unlimited weekend pass pass Purchase required to enroll

Prerequisites: Totally beginner-friendly, must be open to learning some basic sewing and crafting techniques in the name of fantastical costuming pursuits!

Improve Your Improv

$55 per class From $41 per visit with Spark unlimited weekend pass pass Purchase required to enroll

Does improv give you anxiety? Learn some simple exercises and skills to overcome!

Mark-up Magic

$100 per class From $41 per visit with Spark unlimited weekend pass pass Purchase required to enroll

Prerequisites: Students should want to enjoy playing in makeup!


Sky High Marketing: Selling Out Your Aerial Events

$55 per class From $41 per visit with Spark unlimited weekend pass pass Purchase required to enroll

Join Mel as she teaches you how to sell out your events!

Wiggin' It

$55 per class From $41 per visit with Spark unlimited weekend pass pass Purchase required to enroll

Learn how to apply a wig that will stay put through aerial and dance performances!


Luna Finn Workshop Intensive

Our good friend, Luna Finn, is back with her Movement Quest, happening 9/23 & 9/24! She’s offering $50 for early bird pricing with coupon code MQEARLYBIRD before 7/4. If you’d like to talk about pricing plans, please reach out to us. This one filled up very quickly last time, so don’t wait!

Each workshop is carefully designed to help students on specific aspects of choreography and will lead up to incorporating each piece into an act. We will end the series with a process that I call “Creative Repetition,” which is my own personal process of how I create each and every one of my acts.

While this is technically a “sling intensive” geared towards intermediate and up students, the process can be applied to any apparatus at any level. Students will have the opportunity to explore that during our final session.

Because of the nature of the intensive, there will be a limited amount of spots available so that I am able to dedicate as much personal attention to each student as possible.

By signing up for the Sling Intensive, you are signing up for 4 workshops:

9/23 @ 12pm – Fundamental Linking

9/23 @ 2:30pm – Spin Theory

9/24 @ 12pm – Low Flow

9/24 @ 2pm – Creative Repetition

** Prerequisites: Ability to pullover into the loop, doesn’t take self too seriously ;)**

Black Trapeze Workshops

Workshops on September 2 – 3

9/2 @ 10:30am – Catch Me If You Can

 In this workshop we will cover all the ways in and out of catchers on dance trapeze. Everything from dynamics to sneaky entries and how to use that move as a building block to create authentic sequences.

Learning outcome:
You will learn unique pathways that will allow you to better understand the type of movements that can lead to this position. By the end of this workshop, you will feel empowered to create your own connections with ease. Come and have fun exploring all the possibilities!

Must be comfortable exploring movements in the ropes, around the bar that will lead to and stem from catchers. Bring a pair of flexible jeans, knee sleeves, thick pants, or whatever else you need  to protect your skin and legs 😉  

9/2 @ 12:30pm – Flow-Ability

In this workshop we transform the way you approach your creative practice. We’ll work with a
variety of movement styles and learn specific techniques to increase flow. Providing you with a
multitude of tools that will empower you to keep exploring well after the workshop is over.

Overview of what we’ll dive into:
✓ Rhythm and how it affects the flow of a sequence
✓ Articulation and body awareness
✓ Remove the pressure of being perfect focus on clear directions

Must have a good vocabulary of movements, comfortable with creative explorations and a desire to explore different avenues of their creativity. This workshop is for students who have the strength to be in the air for 5 minutes at a time and feel comfortable enough on their apparatus that they can explore beyond the tricks.  

9/3 @ 11am –  From The Ground Up

  In this workshop we will dive deep into: Tuck – straddle – pike – split – nutcracker – meathook
– pop up to back balance – pull over (**With both on the floor and in the air exercises)

Learning outcome:
Proper alignment in an inversion, what to perform where and when, modifications to apply to make the inversion easier or more challenging. If you’re looking to building a good foundation for your aerial practice, clean up your inversions, or simply learn more about how the body moves in the air this workshop is for you.

Prerequisite: All participants should be comfortable with inversions multiple times in the air (no need for perfection but no cheating!)
***This class is fast paced  

9/3 @ 12:30pm – Authenti-City

Finding your style should not be daunting or even seem like a chore. You should most certainly not feel pressured to make it “unique”. Forget everything everyone ever told you about how you should move in the air. Come and discover what type of movement your body craves!

Learning outcome:
In this workshop we’ll identify movements that feel good to you so you can discover your own pathways and create innovative choreography. Expect a lot of games, guided explorations and simple exercises to change the way you see things.
This workshop will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to create authentic sequences and transitions that will make your work stand out from the crowd.  

Must have a good vocabulary of movements, be comfortable with creative explorations and a desire to push outside of your creative comfort zone. This workshop is for students who feel comfortable enough on their apparatus that they can explore beyond the tricks.  

Critters & Tea – March 25; 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Join us for a night of fun, light-hearted performances. In 2021, we decided we needed a lighter show, and so, Critters & Tea was born!

What does the name mean? Absolutely nothing 🙂 It was silly and frivolous and that’s what our hope is for this show. Frivolity and happiness!
Remember to Leave your serious pants at home.

This event is family-friendly and will be in-person & virtual. More information will be announced soon, including lineup.

Just remember when purchasing tickets that all of our studio events are very intimate and we sell a minimal number of tickets so that everyone has a great seat. Our tickets traditionally sell out relatively quickly, please purchase your tickets as soon as possible. You won’t want to miss this fun and light hearted event.

Ticket Prices
GA Adult: $20
GA Child: $15
VIP: $70
Livestream: $10

Ice & Embers Show Information

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2023 AT 5:30 PM – 8 PM

Doors @ 7:00pm
Show @ 7:30pm

Welcome to the one-stop shop for information on Ice & Embers.

To learn more about on going details, show information and beautiful performers please review our Facebook Event.

If you would love to watch Ice & Embers show, please purchase your tickets today.

It’s the darkest, quietest, coldest time of the year. There are no birds singing in the mornings, nor the sounds of joy from the children in the yard. The trees appear dead, as not a single leaf remains. The lack of color can darken the soul.
It is winter. Deep Winter.

Join us as we break the silence of the season with the loudest, heaviest music we can find. Call forth the spring with performances on the ground and in the air.

Our first ever Ice & Embers show is a nod to We Will Raq You (RIP), a metal belly dance show that we took part in for many years. We are so happy to bring this theme back for those wanting to break the winter silence with their incredible metal performances.

This will be an 18+ show due to adult music and themes.

In-person GA Tickets: $20
In-person VIP Tickets: $60
Livestream Tickets: $10

Creative Hoop Immersion with Gena

Dates: 11/19-11/20 – 9 total hours

Time: 11am-4pm – break from 1:30-2pm

Cost: $300 – payment plan available

In this creative aerial hoop immersion, you’ll work on how to create your own movement choreography by immersing yourself in hoop theory, movement quality, and artistic development. Gena will help you with ways to explore skills and variations as well as unique transitions that are authentic to you as an artist. Each day we will delve into how to do your own creative research and develop your own unique movement pathways. This immersion allows you to research and explore your own movement in, on, and above the bar.

Note-taking is encouraged; bring a notebook, iPad, or your phone. Socks and clothing that cover the midriff are recommended.

PREREQUISITES: Clean, unassisted inversions, comfort with spinning, and an understanding of body awareness are required. Must have a basic comprehension of intermediate lyra skills that can be executed without jumping.