Why choose aerial for your exercise?

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*Before we continue on I just want to note that aerial is all about feeling your best and feeling strong. Aerial fitness is not about forcing yourself into some arbitrary societal beauty standard. Always remember that*

Have you ever outlined fitness goals for yourself, but find yourself not meeting them because the workouts are repetitive and boring? I know I have. If you are anything like me you need constant motion and change to get the most out of a workout. A moving target if you will. If you feel this way then aerial might be just what you need to meet your fitness goals. With an aerial workout you are using both your body and brain to complete a skill. This increases both your mental and physical health. Aerial fitness allows you to increase your overall strength through conditioning exercises and cross-training methods (such as flexibility training). 

Aerial fitness is also ideal for you if you like to get a workout in without feeling like you are solely working out. Going to the gym can be great for some people, but for others the repetitiveness of walking on a treadmill or lifting weights can make a workout feel like more of a chore. With aerial, many times you are getting in a sneaky workout. While you are learning that super cool trick or combo your body is getting stronger and your stamina is increasing. Also at the end of an aerial session you get to show off your progress almost immediately with said new trick or combo. 

Another reason why aerial might be for you is if, like me, the gym intimidates the heck out of you. Whenever I go to a traditional gym some of my thoughts fluctuate between “am I doing this exercise right,” “are people watching and judging me,” “what weight should I be using.” Again, traditional gyms absolutely work for many people, but it would be a lie if we said they were not intimidating to complete beginners at times. When you walk into an aerial beginner class you know immediately that you will be coached through the entire thing. There is no guesswork and you do not have to worry if people are staring at you because everyone is so wrapped up (sometimes literally) on landing the skill they are working on. There is a peace that comes with learning in a group setting and knowing that others in the class are cheering you on towards your goals (and also that your coach will be there to make sure you are safe). Aerial fitness is an amazing way to have fun, build community, and a way to meet your fitness goals (mental and physical). We would love to have you try a class at BMA and learn why this method of exercising will have you hooked!

With so much love, 

Casandra ♥️