Black Trapeze Workshops

black trapeze workshops

Workshops on September 2 – 3

9/2 @ 10:30am – Catch Me If You Can

 In this workshop we will cover all the ways in and out of catchers on dance trapeze. Everything from dynamics to sneaky entries and how to use that move as a building block to create authentic sequences.

Learning outcome:
You will learn unique pathways that will allow you to better understand the type of movements that can lead to this position. By the end of this workshop, you will feel empowered to create your own connections with ease. Come and have fun exploring all the possibilities!

Must be comfortable exploring movements in the ropes, around the bar that will lead to and stem from catchers. Bring a pair of flexible jeans, knee sleeves, thick pants, or whatever else you need  to protect your skin and legs 😉  

9/2 @ 12:30pm – Flow-Ability

In this workshop we transform the way you approach your creative practice. We’ll work with a
variety of movement styles and learn specific techniques to increase flow. Providing you with a
multitude of tools that will empower you to keep exploring well after the workshop is over.

Overview of what we’ll dive into:
✓ Rhythm and how it affects the flow of a sequence
✓ Articulation and body awareness
✓ Remove the pressure of being perfect focus on clear directions

Must have a good vocabulary of movements, comfortable with creative explorations and a desire to explore different avenues of their creativity. This workshop is for students who have the strength to be in the air for 5 minutes at a time and feel comfortable enough on their apparatus that they can explore beyond the tricks.  

9/3 @ 11am –  From The Ground Up

  In this workshop we will dive deep into: Tuck – straddle – pike – split – nutcracker – meathook
– pop up to back balance – pull over (**With both on the floor and in the air exercises)

Learning outcome:
Proper alignment in an inversion, what to perform where and when, modifications to apply to make the inversion easier or more challenging. If you’re looking to building a good foundation for your aerial practice, clean up your inversions, or simply learn more about how the body moves in the air this workshop is for you.

Prerequisite: All participants should be comfortable with inversions multiple times in the air (no need for perfection but no cheating!)
***This class is fast paced  

9/3 @ 12:30pm – Authenti-City

Finding your style should not be daunting or even seem like a chore. You should most certainly not feel pressured to make it “unique”. Forget everything everyone ever told you about how you should move in the air. Come and discover what type of movement your body craves!

Learning outcome:
In this workshop we’ll identify movements that feel good to you so you can discover your own pathways and create innovative choreography. Expect a lot of games, guided explorations and simple exercises to change the way you see things.
This workshop will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to create authentic sequences and transitions that will make your work stand out from the crowd.  

Must have a good vocabulary of movements, be comfortable with creative explorations and a desire to push outside of your creative comfort zone. This workshop is for students who feel comfortable enough on their apparatus that they can explore beyond the tricks.