Shadows Performers and Information 2021

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A little over two years ago, Sarah and I had an idea. After running Bloom for over six years at that point, we had gotten such great feedback about our community. The thing that we kept hearing, year after year, was that our performers really enjoyed having a stage on which they could be vulnerable. Now, you may be thinking, “isn’t all performance vulnerable?”. While that is true, there is a difference between making art for yourself and making art for someone else. Making art for someone else is what most professional performers find themselves being required to do. This art is usually safe. It’s usually a beautiful, bright combination of our greatest skills, show-stopping strengths, and lovely lines. That art is not always what makes us tick though. As performers who rely on our art to make a living, we know that this is required. And yes, it can be fun and challenging and a joy to put out into the world…but that’s just one aspect of who we are as artists. 

So, we created a theme different than any of our other shows. Shadows is exactly what it sounds like. It is a moment in our lives to take the stage and share what may be too dark to put into the world for corporate events or family festivals. It is a walk with our shadow selves, letting them come out to play because we truly believe that if we don’t acknowledge them, they can poison our lives. So we put together a show to celebrate the darkness. To let out what may be scary or painful in a safe setting, surrounded by others who will lift you up. Art is one of our greatest forms of healing, and you will witness healing happening at this show. 
This year’s Shadows will feature 16 performances, created and presented to you by artists of different levels of experience and different styles. We will have artists performing on aerial silks, sling, chains, straps, lyra, trapeze, as well as ground artists including belly dancers and burlesque dancers.

Here is your lineup:

  • Emcee: Heather Gaffney Darnell of Phoenix Intuitive Arts & Entertainment
  • Legan
  • Gigi
  • Pixie
  • Barbara 
  • Starrmoon
  • Jaclyn
  • Tanya 
  • Dravyn

  • Joshira
  • Maduro
  • Sabyla
  • Laura
  • The One Reborn
  • Leena
  • Angela
  • Meta Young
  • Carolina Quiros

You can join us through our Livestream at

We also have a very small number of in-person tickets left at

We hope you can join us for our third annual, Shadows.

To learn about events or classes please review our website.