Studio Policies

To ensure our students can use and share everything fairly please review our policies. We ensure that our students feel safe and loved. For any questions or concerns please contact us at

  • If working on fabrics or a mult-aerial apparatus class, no zippers, sharp jewelry.
  • Please don’t record instructors or other students while teaching without asking permission. Please do not post videos of instruction on social media.
  • Follow all rules for class or practice time that you are enrolled in. Each class’ rules can be found on the class page and can vary.
  • COVID policies
    • We prefer if you bring your own rosin or chalk but do have some to provide our students
    • We supply hand sanitizer
    • Masks on
  • Exhaust fans – fan policy
  • Please do not peer teach. This is not to say if you see someone doing something dangerous or that could cause injury that you shouldn’t say something. Please say something in that case. If you see that another student is having a tough time with a skill, encourage them to get the instructor’s attention.