Instructor Spotlight: Anna

anna-aerial instructor

How long have you been doing aerial?

7 years

What apparatus is your main squeeze? 


What other apparatus do you like to train on?

Trapeze, Sling, Pole, Silks, and Rope

What foundational move was/is the hardest for you to train your body to do? Did it ever click for you? If so, what helped that to happen?

Hip keys on silks. It finally clicked for me after it was broken down for me in a technical way so I could understand what I was doing wrong and correct it. 

What is the most important thing for students to take away from your class?

There is a lot of room for creativity and growth, even when learning foundational skills. 

Why did you become a teacher?

I have always enjoyed working with children, which led me to my first job as a gymnastics coach when I was a teenager. I continued to coach gymnastics for years until I found something I loved even more, aerial! 

What’s your favorite move on your main apparatus?

I tend to gravitate towards “splitty” moves. Gazelle splits are my go-to because they are so versatile.

What’s your least favorite move?


What is your advice for those that are wanting to take a class but are feeling a bit nervous to jump in?

You don’t need any prior acrobatic experience, strength, or flexibility at all to try an aerial class because you will build those things through taking classes! In class you will be challenged in a way that keeps you excited about what you’re learning while also practicing at your comfort level. I focus greatly on making sure that all of my lessons are adaptable to each student on an individual level so everyone leaves class feeling accomplished.